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Discover a place of standard, beauty and hospitality only at Oubangui hotel. It is well known for its exclusive exquisitely furnished accommodation with a tranquil and conducive natural environment. OUBANGUI at the border and directly opposite Zongo City in Congo across the river OUBANGUI creates an irresistible felling of excitement and an urge to sail across as you enjoy the view of its green and natural vegetation.

• Topography

hills for exploits and walks

• River Oubangui

for your leisure, sight seeing, fishing and sailing.

• Island

Ile De Singe adds an extra exciement as the island is always fresh and attractive giving the urge for visitation,exploitation and leisure.

• Vegetation

A beautiful evergreen forest and natural environment to give you that full and refreshing beauty of nature

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Mr Jean Claude KOLIKA

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